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My artistic brain was born in 1978. It quickly became clear I was creative with a pencil and paper.

Later this overflowed into digital media. All my knowledge I learned by experimenting,
theory out of books is wasted on me.

When I switched to 3D around 2000, a whole new world opened up to me.
 Currently I work with leading software like Cinema 4D, VRay, Adobe, Marvelous Designer, Final Cut Pro,
Capture One and others.Combined with my passion for video and photography, I am a real digital artist. 

MacObsession is an ”alias" for my love for Apple products.​



I love to take pictures. The perfect timed capture of that special moment is priceless.


I have 18 years off experience in graphic design. Like to combine every aspect of graphical design in to my projects, this from photoshoots, logo making to layout.

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